03 July, 2010

Meet my new friend...

You may recall my mentioning the search for a second bike recently. I was lucky (like, BEYOND lucky) to find this absolutely PERFECT 1972 Peugeot road bike with all of the original parts, including the owner's manual (en fran├žais, but of course). Well, if any of you know me- you know that I've got that whole vintage bike thing covered with a sweet little '54 Raleigh... so I wanted to really go nuts and have fun with this one. Fast forward one month, one big UPS package, a good sum of money, three hours in the bike kitchen, various cuts and scrapes, and one bent back thumbnail later... Sweet French-hybrid fixie glory is mine. :)

Yes, I have a major crush on her.

I even did my very first Farmer's Market bike night on Thursday. It was... BEYOND. Nothing could have prepared me for the fun, the chaos, the honest to God awesome that was bike night. Literally hundreds of people, hundreds of bikes... It's kind of fascinating how quickly a pack-mentality develops in a situation like that. Rules are thrown out the window because it's very "Us vs. Them"' and well... There are a lot more of us.

There were many choice moments throughout the night, but here are a few of the highlights for you...

Kids wearing nothing but American flags tied around their necks; and narrowly avoiding some serious caught-in-chain, choking folly.

Block-long wheelies. Srsly, I'm not kidding.

Cruiser covered in red faux fur, with girl facing backwards, STRADDLING the guy pedaling. Bonus, this bike was blasting music too. There are no words...

Screaming "Biiiiiiiiiiike NiiiiiiiiiiiiiGHT!!!!" into car windows- because, well let's face it, it was... and furthermore those damn cars shoulda known better.

Favorite quote of the night (second place):
Random biker: "It smells like cigarettes, burnt rubber and crotch!"
Random Barbie-lookalike: "FUCK YEAH, IT DOES!"

Favorite quote of the night (first place):
Random bike guy 2: "Hey, how you feeling?"
Me: "I'm good."
Random: "Just checking 'cos your bike is SICK!"

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