28 February, 2010

Oh, I'm just swell... :)

You know that scene in a million different movies where the protagonist hits rock bottom, and decides enough is enough? And then the music gets loud and it’s always a really go-get-’em sort of tune… and there’s no dialogue, just the awesome rock song, and said protagonist starts getting their shiz together and kicking ass? They clean up their house, throw away their crap, dress better, eat better, exercise… get a job… or take their current job more seriously and just... I don't know- generally advance.
I know you know what I’m talking about.

Anyway… *cue up-tempo rock*

I’ve got so many amazing ideas, they're just flowing out of me from the moment I crack my eyes open in the morning. Sometimes even before that. I'm sleeping well, I’m happy and incredibly motivated… getting lots done. I’ve thrown away SO MUCH crap. I feel lighter. Better. I’m feeling super strong and healthy, reading more, working hard, soaking in good information and letting go of the junky stuff and the icky people. I’m writing more, cooking and baking for fun, building teepee’s with the babes, taking long walks… I’m even *gasp* socializing recreationally and by choice (in small doses). There are words, and pages, and paintings, and work-related inspiration spilling out of me in puddles.

They're chalkboard-black and pamplemousse flavored. I'm lucky and appreciative of it.

Admittedly, I did have one major hiccup in the past couple of days, but I think that’s over with now. I hope. It was a make-me or break-me kind of thing, and I’m not letting that fucking shit break me any more. Not worth it. Though I’m not quite at the “wish you well” phase... I mean, you think you know someone... You give them so much more credit than they deserve. You admire them and look up to them... and look to them. They're hypocrites and they're liars and in the end, inevitably, they will let you down. They will knock themselves off of the pedestal you built for them. It shouldn't take 31 years to learn this. So for now I’m just trying to ignore it and focus on the big turning point moment in the movie of my life. It's going really, really well.

That’s all.

And right now I'm listening to: The Mountain Goats- Cotton

23 February, 2010

My so-called rude awakening...

I think I liked them better when she was the shorter of the two, and he was, uhhmmm....


Comrades in cahoots...

"To fall in love is easy, even to remain in it is not difficult; our human loneliness is cause enough. But it is a hard quest worth making to find a comrade through whose steady presence one becomes steadily the person one desires to be."

22 February, 2010

19 February, 2010

Attn. assheads, can you do me a favor?

Stop leaving your spammy crap in my comments section. This blog is so not worth it (trust me I stalk the analytics). For cryin’ out sakes, no one gives a motherfuck about your computer having worms, or your "cheerless prices", ok? Least of all me and the other two people who stop by here once a month or so.

Thanks. :)

17 February, 2010

And what magnazine's do you subscribe to?

So, Evelyn still says "mazzazine" instead of magazine, and I finally thought it would be good parenting to correct her- so we went over the correct pronunciation and she got it right. But sometimes she still forgets and I have to remind her- which she does not appreciate.

When she said "mazzazine" again this morning, I said:
"What? Articulate and say it properly, remember?"

She folded her arms and got all up on her sass horse with a look that said:
Bitch, please... my impediment will kick your articulation's ass.

And then she said, very slowly and deliberately:
"Ugh... Mom, I know how to say it! MAG-NA-ZINE... There, are you happy?"

"Oh, hells yeah."
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