17 February, 2010

And what magnazine's do you subscribe to?

So, Evelyn still says "mazzazine" instead of magazine, and I finally thought it would be good parenting to correct her- so we went over the correct pronunciation and she got it right. But sometimes she still forgets and I have to remind her- which she does not appreciate.

When she said "mazzazine" again this morning, I said:
"What? Articulate and say it properly, remember?"

She folded her arms and got all up on her sass horse with a look that said:
Bitch, please... my impediment will kick your articulation's ass.

And then she said, very slowly and deliberately:
"Ugh... Mom, I know how to say it! MAG-NA-ZINE... There, are you happy?"

"Oh, hells yeah."

1 comment:

nannyfacehead said...

heee! gotta love it!! we're still sayin' "hopsital" over here ;)

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