22 December, 2011

Big news...

26 November, 2011


Ok, I've really been trying to wait to post this, but I can't contain myself any longer. Do you see where I'm going with this? 90% of my Christmas shopping is done and Jeffrey had to hide all of it from me (including the gifts I bought for him), because I SO BADLY WANT TO GIVE EVERYONE THEIR PRESENTS RIGHT NOWWWWW!!! Also, I AM SO EXCITED about Elliott's first Christmas. I've been listening to Christmas music for about a month, subsisting on candy canes and gingerbread, and I'm pretty much sweating hot cocoa. Can you tell?

20 November, 2011

Atmodsphere Opens! At last...

Carla was sweet enough to let me trail around while she put the finishing touches on SLO's newest retail/design addition. ATMODSPHERE is surely the most beautiful example of mid-century modern home furnishings in town. Recognize this space? Mid-Cent Mod fans have been eyeing it for months, first in admiration of its structural and cosmetic face-lift, and more recently for the amazing inventory that's trickled in behind locked doors. Including furnishings by super, incredible, ohmygosh, Jory Brigham! Local architect extraordinaire, George Garcia did such an exquisite job retrofitting and redesigning this darling Chorro St. building while maintaing its character and keeping the past 100 years or so of worn-in loveliness entirely intact. Like a pair of vintage Levi's carefully mounted and framed on a wall- it's all about showcasing the great bones, and appreciating the wear and tear, while admiring the careful addition of fresh, clean lines, and subtly artistic details. It's an absolute gem, and the perfect example of building-marries-business bliss. Major design-crush on this one, people. Major.
Visit ATMODSPHERE today!
1119 Chorro St.
San Luis Obispo, CA

07 November, 2011

Oh.Em.Geee... it's the M.N.K.R's!

So as it turns out, (like me), Matt and Kandace- darling duo behind the amazing MNKR t-shirt brand, can't wait around for Todd Selby forever either. Happily, they're willing to accept the generic version of him... ME! This morning the MNKR's opened up their adorable little live/work cottage and granted me full access to the whole abode! I even got a peek at where the magic happens... Hey, I'm talking about the workshop! But yes, I saw the bedroom too.
***bow chicka wow wow***

Enjoy this fun, inside-glimpse at two of my very favorite people, including the other half of my we're-totes-too-old-for-this-but-we--Twilight-anyway club.

Team Edward!

18 October, 2011

Mmmm... mush. YUM!

Today I made Elliott a teensy bowl of rice cereal- not so much with the
expectation of him eating it... but rather as a little practice for when he does.
You might even call it a dress rehearsal, complete with costume! Kinda.

Mmmm... mush. YUM!

1. I quickly learned that he prefers to be in charge of his own spoon...

2. I also learned that letting this kid loose with a spoon
necessitates a good bib.

3. The finale... in which Elliott eats his bib, and... *drumroll please*


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