01 April, 2011

"Florals for Spring... ground breaking"

When Meryl Streep uttered that (now infamous) phrase in The Devil Wears Prada, I snickered at the blunt and blatant accuracy of it. Simple, true... biting! Her character, Miranda Priestly, represented all things correct at fashion's upper echelon, and her remark was the verbal equivalent of a monkey throwing feces at its inferiors.

I'm not going to analyze a movie quote here, I just wanted to point out that I've been thinking a lot lately about trends, seasons, and the general pace of this industry and my place in it. The older I get, the less concerned I am with keeping up and the more interested I am in investment pieces that will float from season to season, and year to year, with ease. Obviously my wants and needs change throughout the year- but at this age I know what I like and what flatters and inspires me, and no amount of runway, marketing, celebrity endorsements, press push, or trending, influences any of it. Free at last!

Although, not the best attitude for a buyer... Eeep!

Today it made me think about that movie quote because- you know what? I love florals for Spring. I love them bold, bright, big, and unapologetic... I love them little, subtle, hinted-at, and light... I want them in my house, my hair, my salads, my window boxes, and yes- sometimes in the fabric swishing around me. I never gave them much thought until I moved to a climate with actual, temperature-changing seasons. In fact, what little thought I did give them was tainted by gaudy images of poly-blend matching sets for tourists. But after enduring months of cold, wet, and grey- florals, sunshine, and cottony, gauzy goodness feel like the reward for making it through another icky Winter. Oooh... I am so feeling these light, breezy pieces for Spring...

I love her dark-palette pattern mixing and the belt that anchors this sweet, movable look with a good dose of solidity.

I've obsessed over this photo since last Spring- but that just proves my theory about age and finding the pieces that you'll want to come back to again and again. Plus, I absolutely adore how adept these Italian girls are at making stacks and tons of jewelry look so effortless and casual.

At first glance you're thinking "What? Too much!"- but I'm telling you, this is the freshest and most fluent way I've seen a maxi dress worn. The color isn't in-your-face and the pattern isn't killing your eyes. She's so unrestricted and fluid, yet the result is regal rather than muʻumuʻu.

This is another one saved from early last year. The epitome of femininity (her dress, her ballerina top-knot, and her pink cheeks) and the contrast of well-worn Converse on a grated metal stoop... I love it so much. I tried a version of this on my Paris trip with a soft, Indian cotton, vintage dress that I picked up for about $12 on the left bank, and my grey Bensimon lace ups. I thought about this photo a lot that day.

This look feels the most ingrained in me. I found a photo of myself from a 5th grade art class recently- wearing something pretty identical, but with a weird, old, felted brown hat thrown in. Hmmm... I went through a very Prairie dress/brown boots phase in 5th grade. I've revisited the look several times since then, and it remains a soft spot. But isn't it just kind of precious? She looks so fragile and sweet, and yet also like she could just kick Miranda Priestly in the teeth for mocking her floral dress.

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Eli said...

But you used to be or still are a buyer for a store right? That brings upon the duality of trend forecasting much like magazines do I would imagine. Magazines criticize the same hypocrisy they represent. If it's not flowers for spring it's stripes, or dots, or whatever then floral all over again! This is why I'm much more apt to wear what I like and looks good on me and not follow trends. In fact, I think the trend right now and maybe for the 2010's is to not follow a trend?

I personally love flowers...and generally think millions or billions of others do too. Why else would Liberty of London still exist?!

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