03 March, 2011

Things I miss...


As much as I adore the little wiggle worm in my tummy, I'll be awfully happy to cuddle it in my arms instead.

In the meantime, I miss...

- Not having to do a little jig just to get my pants over my butt
- Doing dishes, or walking past restaurants without gagging
- Vacuuming without needing a nap afterwards
- Having a belly button
- Laying on my tummy if I feel like it
- Laying on my back without feeling crushed
- Having energy
- Pants with buttons and zippers
- Walking up stairs without breathing like a fish out of water
- Reaching my legs to shave them
- Reaching my toenails to paint them
- I miss SLEEP
- I miss normal clothes
- I miss brushing my teeth without throwing up in the process
- I miss not having a ton of saliva and snot
- Being able to breath with my mouth closed
- The occasional espresso
- Staying up past 10 PM without feeling like death the next day
- Peeing like a normal human
- Feeling like I was in control of my bladder and bowel system
- Walking for more than 5 minutes without feeling dizzy
- Bending over to pick something up
- My memory
- My abdominal muscles (this refers to sitting up, rolling over, getting out of bed without help or groaning)
- My small boobs
- My favorite bra that no longer fits :(
- My underwear fitting correctly
- Feeling cute when I get ready in the morning
- My favorite pair of jeans
- Having an appetite and room in my abdomen for food
- Taking a very hot bath
- Not being in constant pain
- Not being able to smell absolutely everything
- Being able to bend over!
- Being comfortable for more than 10 minutes at a time

End rant.


katemcm2 said...

Ha Ha. My cousin just got pregnant again after 15 years (she has a 15 and 16 year old). I think I will send this to her because I am trying to be funny...I am a mean person.

Anonymous said...

you're cute.

♡~:nanners:~♡ said...

oh!!!!!!! but you ARE so so cute! you are what all preggy mommies want to look like!
and don't you remember? once that baby arrives....all those months of incessant peeing, elastic waist bands and invisible toes....go ZAP! its like you were pregs for two days or something (mostly cuz you are so caught up in adorable drooley bebe smiles and kishes. le sigh)

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