03 March, 2011


Sooo... last week Gilt Groupe* featured an M.J. sale.

What began unassumingly at 9:00 PST, was by 9:01 a virtual bloodbath of page refreshing, cart adding, sale-starved, shopping frenzy. It took me a good 15 minutes of said frenzy to finally get my greedy paws on the style I wanted in the size I needed. I think I probably refreshed the item page 200 times- waiting for availability.

For those unaware... once an item is added to your cart at Gilt Groupe, the buyer has 10 minutes to either make their purchase, or see it thrown back into the feeding frenzy- thus rendering it "available" to other shoppers once again. The tick tocking countdown clock sits ominously alongside any item in your cart. And that clock is not messing around. It's f'ing scary. Seriously... a sale like this one is the online equivalent to the rib elbowing, passive shoving, and outright tugging hysteria of a showroom sample sale. Hideous. But in Gilt's defense, at least these items haven't been molested for months by grimy, cranky buyers. *shudder*

Ok, back to the sale...

I've got my cart up and ready to go. I have two items in it, because in the chaos- I kept vacillating between two dresses, hoping to catch at least one of them and then luxuriously decide between the two at my (10 minute countdown) leisure.

Miracle of miracles!!! I land BOTH OF THEM! IN MY SIZE!!!

The Marc Jacob's "Looking Back Logo Law", which beckons "TO MATERNITY and BEYOND, dummy!!! HELLO?!?!", and the "Looking Back Logo"- which screams "You will love me and wear me forever! I'm freakin' JERSEY COTTON, YO!".

Decisions, decisions... Ok, now it's crunch time. For real... Anyyyy second now...
Edit, Coral, EDDDITTT!!!!

Back and forth, back and forth, clicky click.

Ticky tock...

Damn that little clock.

Damn it to hell.

My two new friends.

Aaaand... a Gilt Groupe invitation for anyone needing and lacking. xo

*They should really just do us all a favor and spell it with the "u", because really it's a guilt group.

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