13 July, 2008

Seriously considering the purchase of a "slippery slide"...

So we totally slacked off on our blog "challenge" on Saturday... I recycled the latest piece I did for C&E, and he half-assed his way through some promotional nonsense. Tarded. But it was sort of a mutual mulligan- so we'll make up for it at some point. Maybe. It's just that we had soooo much going on and we had soooo much fun, so regardless of the blog commitment it was totally worth it. On the way home last night/this morning (eeek), we both agreed that it was the most fun day we've had in a while.

A brief synopsis:

- Slept-in embarrassingly late.
- I stayed in bed reading for a bit. Absolutely REFUSE to finish the current book. It's just too good. :(
- Quesadilla waaay more cheese than necessary, an avocado, tomato and cilantro from the garden, with tomatillo salsa. More heaven.
- Fiddled with my "Garage Band" program for the first time in 5 years or so, and recorded a song. Hilariously fun. And so much more satisfying than playing solitaire. :)
- Walked downtown listening to Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle for the 10,000th time today.
- Chit chatted with the boyfriend for a bit and stole cookies from him when his back was turned. Sucka!
- Met Matt and Kandace of Moniker at the gallery and made the trek North with them, to the Forever Stoked show out on a ranch between SLO and Morro Bay. Beautiful.
- Fun art.
- People watching.
- Wine in the sun.
- Attacked by a vicious, rabid yellow jacket for the very first time in my life. The bastard. Hand still hurts. :(
- Back to SLO, and on to dinner. Milanese- Arugula, tomato, lemon, chicken, Parmesan... Yum.
- After dinner we pick up Nic and drive South to Arroyo Grande, where he and his lady are house-sitting.
- Grand tour... Koi pond, cat sanctuary, bird atrium... We pop cherry tomatoes off of the vine and snack on them while exploring rocks, deer bones, and a remarkable house. It's still and quiet- right on the cusp of "getting too dark", and we're far from everything.
- Around 10:00 we rouse Matt and Kandace from out of their cozy bed, and drag Nic and Lia out to Bill's Karaoke Bar in the Arroyo Grande village.
- Having been here for the first time just a week and a half ago, I wasn't sure I could stomach it again, but miniature champagne bottles seemed to help- the acquisition of which made Kandace my hero for life! Ridiculously fun.
- This place is absolutely scary. Stuffed animals, wood so dark and dulled, I don't think it's seen the light of day (or a cleaning product) in the last hundred years or so... It is the quintessential bar. A thousand grimey bar scenes could have been filmed here... It's just THAT bar. I don't think I've ever heard so many sad, country songs in my life- and somehow they're all the sadder when crooning out of a 70 year old man, alone in a bar. Trashy reaches new heights and the air is thick with Eau de Alcoholique. A tribe of head-to-toe denim wearers makes for top-notch people watching. How it's possible to dance at one tempo while your partner dances at the other end of the rhythm spectrum is a skill I've yet to master- but the denim tribe has it down to a science. Rock.
- A free show rocked the dance floor in hooker heels and a 4-inch "skirt". Grinding and threesome-dancing ensues and the entire occupancy is granted unsolicited views of her *ahem* parts. The woman was a date-rape waiting to happen, complete with half-shut eyelids and tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back.
- Around 1AM, we move on. We trek to the AM/PM for a sugar fix. However, we miiiiight have participated in some debauchery along the way. But unlike the girl skanking her way across the danclefloor earlier- my lips are sealed.
- After goodbyes and drop-offs we arrive home with high aspirations and over-ambitions to wreak havoc on stop signs, but I opt instead for a 45 minute shower and a collapse onto the tempurpedic for the next 10 hours.

The amount of fun I'm having is blowing my mind... And it gets better everyday. Inspired by the Fellows/Reuter firepit, I have big plans for the yard, and all the hard work in the garden is paying off to the tune of 2-pound summer squash and tomato overload. AND today I'm in the market for a vintage bike!

Silly happy. :D

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Kandace said...

We here at Moniker cannot confirm nor deny the goings on of July 12th...but it was darn fun!

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