15 March, 2011

I choose Bobo Choses!!!

"Once upon a time there was a friendly clothing brand
that spoke the language that children speak..."

I can't even explain how in love I am with these pieces from the Spring line of iconic Barcelona childrens' brand Bobo Choses. With each new collection, designers Laia Aguilar and Adriana Esperalba build around a whimsical tale by Felipe Cano. This season marks the first illustrated companion to the collection, Bonjour Camille.
"On Sunday mornings, as soon as the sun comes out,
Camille opens her eyes and puts on her battle dress: a tutu and a top hat.

She has so many things to do: Jumping on the bed until her mummy says

Eating loads and loads of cherries. Hiding all the umbrellas.
Choosing a new favourite colour. Giving names to the waves.

Asking the wind in a whispering voice to tell her a story....
But then Camille hears a voice from the other side of the door. Stop that jumping!"

Of course we sometimes see adorable little things for children and think "I'd totally wear that!" In that scenario, Bobo Choses is as close as I could possibly get to actually seeking out a tailor and saying "MAKE ME THIS!"

It's precious and whimsical and amazing. I kinda NEEEEEEED IT!!! Thankfully, I have an outlet for this obsession, their names are James, Evelyn, and (as yet un-named) teensy baby.

Last Season's story was based around the darling French lobo, Bobo...
And yes, I'm in love with him too.

Once upon a time there was a wolf called Lobo Bobo who loved Paris and pretty things. Lobo Bobo the Wolf lived in a forest near the city but, whenever he could, he used to slip off into Paris looking for pretty things that would make him happy, such as
an old camera,
a fluffy little cloud,
and a ball of emerald-coloured wool...

He always wore a disguise on his trips to the city so as not to frighten the mammies and the daddies. But whatever the disguise, he could never fool the children. They all knew well that underneath the figure in the gabardine, the tortoise-shell glasses, and the Napoleon hat...

there lurked a wolf.
Lobo Bobo.

Lobo Bobo drove around in an old blue car, and chatted away to the car as if it were a friend. On rainy days he enjoyed the sound of the rain, and on sunny days he enjoyed the heat of the sun.

The wolf was a generous creature. He loved choosing presents and he never forgot anybody’s birthday. He gave his friend Little Red Riding Hood a new hooded cape and he planted an apple tree in her grandmother’s garden. He always used to give his brother wolves a present of coloured pencils so that they could make

fierce drawings
of fierce wolves
doing fierce deeds...

After spending the whole day rummaging in the street markets of Paris, Lobo Bobo liked to stand on the Pont des Arts and watch the sun set over the River Seine, while he munched a juicy apple and nibbled a freshly-baked baguette.

As night fell, he would load up his old blue car with all the pretty things and drive back to the forest where he was sometimes afraid of his own shadow. The shadow of a wolf.

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