11 March, 2011

Cold weather cuteness, Helsinki-style!

Amber sent me an email today about her friend Eri, who was shot for this amazing Helsinki street-style blog. It took all of ten seconds to get sucked in, and now I've gone through about a year of shots. I feel like even after (oh my gosh) almost SIX YEARS of living in weather with actual seasons- I'm still kind of at a loss when the temperature dips below 65. I've finally accumulated a decent volume of appropriately warm clothing, but looking cute in the cold is still a big, elusive animal for me. These girls make it look so easy! I love that they're warm, and adorable, and individual, and realistic! Sometimes the Sartorialist gives me low-end amnesia. Meaning, I forget that I do not need to drop a couple grand on myself to leave the house looking good. I like that these Helsinki girls are so obviously having fun with their ensembles. I love that there's the occasional high-end item thrown in here, with lots of great Japanese and Nordic design, mixed in lovingly with thrifted, recycled, borrowed, or High street. The more I learn about winter dressing, the more I think it's all about maintaining balance and comfort, while never covering up who you are underneath all those layers.

A few of my favorites...

“I'm wearing my grandmother's old scarf, my mother's old coat, knitted leggings made by Estonian designer Liina Viira and a bag made by my aunt. I like to mix colours and prints. I make clothes myself, too. Kirill Safonov is my favourite designer.” -Allii-Liis, 21

“I'm wearing a coat from Mango sale, Vagabond shoes, pants from H&M and a bag from Lindex. I like extraordinary and funny looks like an ordinary sweater mixed with a fur collar. I like to wear transparent clothes and showy jewellery, especially rings. I admire Rachel Zoe.” -Tiina, 22

“In winter I get a bit depressed and start wearing black which I normally avoid. I like to wear dresses and would like to find a perfect pair of leather jeans. Now I'm wearing a second hand jacket, a H&M jumpsuit and shoes from Din Sko.” -Petra, 20

“I like to wear vintage hats and clothes. I collect and sell them, too. 40s dresses are my favourites. Now I'm wearing a vintage Lanvin hat, a leather jacket from a sale and second hand Yohji Yamamoto shoes.” -Leena, 24

“The cape is from Vintage Ansa and it's also called Anna. The beanie is a gift from a friend, the scarf is self-made, the pullover and the bag are second hand. I like nude, beige and other down-to-earth colours. I like loose, comfortable and droopy clothes like big pullovers.” -Anna, 23

“Today I wanted to wear a comfortable outfit. My current favourites are my ChloĆ© bag and dark lipstick. And you cannot go wrong with a biker jacket. Tokyo inspires me. Next I would like to get something in the spirit of Indians. I almost chose to wear feathers around my neck.” -Ann-Marie, 20

“I like second hand, brown, army green and outfits with feminine elements. Sweden, indie bands like The Kooks, sea and sailing inspire me.” -Mona, 17

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