30 March, 2011

Advanced Style: Age and Beauty...

I can only hope that at their age I am owning my style and personal character the way these extraordinary women are. I hope I'm rocking bakelite eyeglasses like Iris Apfel, and an out of-this-world silvery, Bauhaus bob too. I hope I'm still a bike rider, and on a sweet-ass Bianchi at that!

Inspiration doesn't even begin to cover all that I get out of this amazing short. Fascination, endless intrigue and the utmost respect... Well done, Ari Seth Cohen, well done NOWNESS. Well done, seasoned beauties.

In Cohen's own words...

"When I first moved to New York [from Seattle] I attended a screening for the documentary Hats Off about Mimi Weddell, who in her 60s became an actress and model for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Burberry. I photographed her, and her attitude and approach to style was a big influence on me and the start of the blog.

Walking around New York taking photographs, I noticed how many young girls are appropriating style from older women: leopard print, fur, turbans and hats. In general, the older women wear these things naturally, with more confidence. With the blog I not only want to show that older women are vital and creative, but also to show people [they need not be] afraid of aging—and personal style is a great way to showcase this."

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