20 November, 2009

For the love of insignificant knowledge...

I expound upon it. :)

Today's little gems...

1. The Amazon river flows with such force that sailors two hundred miles out to sea can drink fresh water.

2. After ten years of use, seventy percent of the solid weight of your pillow is likely to be dust mite excrement.

3. Males who do their share of domestic chores have more sex than their shirking counterparts.

4. You can't burp in space. Gas requires earthly gravity to separate from the liquid in your stomach.

5. Julius Caesar brought the first Giraffe to Europe in 46 BC. Caesar debuted it in the arena where lions promptly tore it to shreds.

6. In a study titled "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Effect of Time Spent Grooming on Wages", economists Jayoti Das and Stephen DeLoach conclude that men can increase their weekly wages by six percent for every extra ten minutes a day they spend grooming.

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