09 July, 2008

Ass-Backwards Auditory Assault... 1/2

Note to self... Don't expect musical predilections to dictate life. Ever.

But I couldn't help it. Waxing poetic recently to the poor, obliging boyfriend on my "sliiiiight obsession" with Mozart as a ten year old, I was thrust back into the hopeful romanticism of my youth. I remember distinctly, my mother watching "Amadeus" on the trusty beta-max just before my tenth birthday and her rare indifference to my presence throughout the course of the film. It was common knowledge that the full extent of my T.V. privileges were rigidly confined to:

1. The Discovery Channel (and even then it had to be monitored lest some bare-chested heathen in Papua New Guinea corrupt me).

2. The Disney Channel (much scarier than 'Amadeus' of course, but with a name like DISNEY it has to be good- little did she know the Mickey Mouse Club and "Goodbye Miss Fourth of July" were absolutely traumatizing).

3. JEM & The Rockers (Shocker! But it was only a half-hour program and I think she felt this allowance made her an edgy mom- cue further trauma).

4. Various Horse & Rider instructional tapes (which I would later finagle with scotch tape and record over with Red Hot Chili Peppers videos- to her ultimate horror, and my ultimate denial... "I don't know how it happened... Maybe the T.V. was broken for a little while and we just didn't know."

5. Charlie & The Chocolate Factory (but ONLY after I'd read the book- which at that age felt akin to reading the Iliad).

6. The Black Stallion (which subsequently initiated an obsession with bareback riding sans bridle- curiously, this was neither frowned upon nor disallowed. Yes, my mother is possibly a little "off color", but we'll just call it "off" for the sake of historical accuracy here).

But I digress...


JEFF said...
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